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Space to those who have entrusted Dolomiti Physiocenter to find a way to relieve and eliminate pain and return to a sense of wellbeing

Space dedicated to patients of Dolomiti Physiocenter, who, through following treatment suggested and applied by the staff of our Centre have been able to relieve pain they were suffering and solve problematics which they were affected by.
The value of the therapy and the methods adopted permit full recovery and the chance to smile again.

Our reviews :

„I am really very happy, I never thought that after only 3 weeks I could start training again!”

Job title: Professional Biatlon Athlete

Diagnosis: Muscolara tear (M. Quadriceps femoris)

During a workout the patient feels a tightness in the anterior level of the thigh preventing the continuation of the workout. She immediately went to the Dolomiti Sportclinic, while the thigh was greatly inflated. Doctors performed an ultrasound. Diagnosis: muscle tearing to the right thigh with important effusion

The patient recieves a compressive elastic band and is recommended to start physiotherapy

A cycle of daily physiotherapy is started. Hilterapia and lymphatic drainage is done. Once the acute phase had passed, TECAR and specific massages were added. Gradually we started an exercise program to improve muscle elasticity and increase its loadability. After 3 weeks, having given the coach's instructions, the patient started training again.

Alexia Runggaldier - Santa Cristina

„I am sorry I did not arrive in this center before. If I think that a few weeks ago I almost had to use crutches...”

Job title: Hotelier

Diagnosis: Tendonitis of the Achilles tendon

The patient has been suffering from pain in the left Achilles tendon for 3 years, which limits her very much in the everyday life. A few inches above the heel, there is a swelling on the tendon which is very painful during palpation. During this period she tried various therapies from different specialists including podiatrists, treatments from an orthopedic study and unsuccessful physiotherapy.
For some months the pain have even become worse (from a scale of 1 to 10 the pain is 9) with pain especially in the morning and during the first steps after sitting.

The diagnosis of achillea tendinopathy was made by an orthopedic.

Six 30-minute treatments were performed 2-1 times a week with laser and leg specific massages and 5 of these with shock waves. The patient reports a 70% improvement after the 6 treatments. After the 26.09.2018 VAS 1 (90% improvement).

The words of the patient:
At first I was skeptical after all the therapies I have already tried. But now I'm happy because I can do many things that only a few weeks ago I was not able to. We must never lose hope ... I'm sorry I did not arrive in this center before. If I think that a few weeks ago I almost had to use crutches...

Bernardina Van Hatten

„I no longer have any restrictions and walk again at the same speed as before”

Job: at a Bed & Breakfast

Diagnosis: Arthrosis in the left hip

Mrs. Valorz has been suffering from hip pain for over 6 months. The pain is located in the groin and laterally to the thigh, from which it radiates to the foot. The doctor has diagnosed severe arthrosis (coxartosis) with significant restriction of movement. The pain has worsened in recent weeks by waking the patient several times during the night and causing her to take anti-inflammatory drugs in order to sleep.

Treatment: Mrs Valorz starts a cycle of physiotherapy 2-3 times a week. Initially laser therapy was used to reduce inflammation and manual therapy techniques combined with specific exercises to improve hip function. The pain improved to the point that she was able to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs after 1 week. After 1 month the pain decreased by 90%. The rehabilitation cycle ended with 8 sessions of LIMFA to better regenerate the cartilage and to maintain the result over time.

The words of the patient: "I would have never thought of improving up to this point with such at arthrosis. I no longer have any restrictions and walk again at the same speed as before. I can say that I have improved by 90%."

Mrs. Valorz

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