Face and successfully solve each and every pathology

Specific therapies enable us to successfully solve painful illnesses

Identifying underlying causes and correcting training programmes

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

Sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation designed to meet your personal need

Rediscover a sense of wellness, put pain behind you, re-establish harmony between mind and body: our priorities

Physiotherapy treatment, highly innovative methods and rehabilitation techniques, applied after a detailed diagnosis, permit every patient affected by musculoskeletal pathologies to recover complete functionality and to improve one’s style of life.

About us

Specialised in sports therapy and in rehabilitation of a musculoskeletal nature, our Centre, an integral part of but independent structure from Dolomiti Sportclinic (an orthopaedic and traumatology sports clinic), is at your side for the treatment of pathological and other malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, as well as painful conditions and necessary recovery of equilibrium and optimum condition after accidents and other traumatic incidents.
Following a prompt and detailed analysis, our staff, led by Ivan Peristi (as person responsible for Dolomiti Physiocenter), autonomously or in cooperation with other specialists, define the appropriate therapy for the individual patient, adopting innovative treatments confirmed as valid by scientific evidence and practical experience.
One single objective: to allow patients to recover quickly the best quality of life and to put any suffering behind them.

Our philosophy

To listen carefully to the patient so as to contestualise the origins of his or her discomfort is the premise from which we start to establish a personalised and individual therapy. To define the correct physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment for the pathology in question we do not limit our enquiry to an analysis of symptoms, but we evaluate the entire clinical history of the patient so as to identify the presence of any psycho-emotive elements.
The application of serious and scientifically proven methods, together with experience gained over 15 years of activity, enable us to help each and every patient to rediscover wellness by re-establishing a physical and psychological equilibrium.

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Val Gardena - South Tyrol
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