Physiotherapy specific for sport

Innovative methodology so as to return to training in the safest of circumstances and to recover top performance

Constant effort, the short interval betwen races or games, non-stop training, and also “accidents“ during the course of competitive sport can slow down or bring an athlete to a halt, be he or she an amateur or a professional. Sports therapy enables us to manage the pathology in the best way by identifying any underlying causes and correcting training programmes so as to limit incorrect wrong movements. Objectives: to avoid any relapses and a partial return to training which may determine athletic performance.

Specific rehabilitation for competitive sport :

Specific rehabilitation for competitive sport


Specific rehabilitation for competitive sport To return in a safe and quick manner to competitive sport after a trauma or surgery, it is important to know the logical progression of exercises so as to obtain the maximum result possible, having due regard to the pysiological healing time necessary for the fibres.

Treatment: Targeted and personalised rehabilitation combining use of swimming pool and gymnasium and sessions of physical and manual therapy.

“Back to Sport”


“Back to Sport” To establish when an athlete can return to competitive activity after an injury or surgery it is necessary to resort to specific physical tests so as to determine the capability of the affected part to support activity.

Treatment: physical tests, principally of a free exercise type to establish the strength, speed, power and resistance of the affected part. Only when prefixed levels/values are reached can a return to full activity be recommended.



FMS ™ FMS is a number of Tests of evaluation to verify the dynamic posture of the amateur or professional sports person. By recording the qualitative and quantitative aspects of mobility, stability and any movement discrepancies can be corrected with targeted exercises to increase performance in an effective manner. The aim of FMS ™ is to find the ideal approach to training to help the body to move in a most efficient manner.

Treatment: free physical exercises (following pre-defined movements) and by observing such one can note any difficulty of mobility, coordination/equilibrium or stability/strength.

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